Imagine the impact we could have locally if we all gave God our “yes” and allowed him to use our unique gifts, passions, and experiences to serve others. Whether you have lots of time to volunteer each week or only a few hours every once in awhile, consider making the kind of difference that only you can make.


First Free has a monthly Food Drive on the 3rd weekend of every month. Please drop off food pantry donations to the left of the main entrance or at the Food Pantry door in the church lobby (across from the office).

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If you would like to join the Food Pantry volunteer team or have questions please contact Carol Onstad.


Northside Elementary is located in La Crosse, just 5 miles from First Free Church. We consider it a privilege to partner with this school & other organizations to provide mentors for students who need additional academic and social support and guidance.

If you would like to learn how to become a mentor please contact Pastor Dave Konkol.
A unique shop in the lobby at First Free, where your purchases change lives. Each hand-made item tells a story. Our goal is to support men, women and children worldwide giving them the hope of a future. 100% of the proceeds from sales go directly to support ministries that are rescuing men, women and children from human trafficking.  

To ask about Volunteer Opportunities or if you have questions email [email protected].
Addressing the needs of orphans and at risk children through advocacy, education, and providing support for adopting/fostering families. Questions? Email [email protected].
Questions regarding First Free’s opportunities for Local Missions? Contact Pastor Dave Konkol.